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Sandbanks Provincial Park

Me, my gf and a bunch of friends went out to the Sandbanks area and got two cottages for a night. Pretty fun first day with a lot of amazing views. We had a pretty good time except for the rain on Sunday. Otherwise I thought it was a good trip. Might have been better if we stayed one more night so everyone can be more fresh for going out and about and playing.

Here are the photos:


Portraits and such

As I wish to drum up some interest from people looking for a wedding photographer in Toronto. I should show some of my work in portraits.

There are different school of thoughts as to portraits and post processing. Some believe that you should leave it as natural as possible. While others feel that the magic of photoshop should be used to make people look like super models. Personally I am pretty agnostic about this point. I think that sometimes it’s a good idea while other times it’s just nice to have images of people as they are.

First is two photos I took of my sister at her engagement party. I feel they work out quite well.

The following are some samples from other photographic situations.