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Montage of Herman and Fiona


Stephanie and Mark, Montage

Congratulations to Herman and Fiona

On July 31st Herman and Fiona tied the knot and I can tell you they had a blast at their wedding. Truly a lively and fun couple. All the best to their future together!

Stephanie and Mark, Married

On July 25th Stephanie and Mark were married. Congratulations to the new couple and we wish them the best in their future life together.

Mark and Steph’s Toronto Engagement session

I had a lot of fun shooting this engagement session for Stephanie and Mark in Toronto’s Habourfront / Queens Quay area. Stephanie & Mark are actually getting married this month – more photos to follow from their wedding.

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Me, my gf and a bunch of friends went out to the Sandbanks area and got two cottages for a night. Pretty fun first day with a lot of amazing views. We had a pretty good time except for the rain on Sunday. Otherwise I thought it was a good trip. Might have been better if we stayed one more night so everyone can be more fresh for going out and about and playing.

Here are the photos:

Karate Sparring

Most people work out at a gym, lifting weights, treadmills or bikes. I get my work out by training in Karate. To me it’s a lot more fun than feeling like a hamster on a treadmill. And on the plus side if you practice real karate under instructors who know what they are doing you learn something useful as well. The required concentration and perfection of martial arts also appeals to me at a deeper level.

So it’s a lot of fun when things happen in karate that allows me to take photos. Just such an occasion occurred when our senior students finally (some waiting years) got their black belts. As an acknowledgment of their  martial prowess they get to first defend themselves against everyone (one at a time) with various limitations like not being allowed to use their hands. And than they get to spar with some of the more senior students.