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Montage of Herman and Fiona


Stephanie and Mark, Montage

Hong Fook Charity Gala

This Saturday we want to volunteer at the Hong Fook Charity Gala. Hong Fook is a charity organization which provides mental health services for the east and south-east asian community. They do good and necessary work and if you want to volunteer or find out more about them please do visit their website at:

This even is one of the most organized charity event I have seen. The production value of their shows exceeds what most other charity organization manage to do. This year they landed a big coup in the form of Thien Le ( who generously provided models and clothing for their fashion show. He also brought along two other fashion designers. As a result, the entertainment part of the evening was superb.

Fashion show photos:

The clothing were pretty good. I loved taking photos of the models coming down the catwalk. The only thing was while lighting on the catwalk was good it wasn’t super. So I had to use my flash quite a lot, and flash don’t cycle fast enough to catch all shots. I suppose weddings are the same way with lighting. Considering building myself a dual or triple flash trigger for rotating multiple flashes to always have one ready to fire every second.

Photo Ops:

This part I felt like I was working for a paper or being a 2nd shooter at a wedding.

They must have felt pretty bad. All these girls did was take gift bags out to the tables and stand up on the stage holding up the signs.

Bread and butter of the evening, group portraits.

Doors Open Toronto

Every year they do something call Doors Open in Toronto where you get access for free at various Toronto buildings or sites. I went this year with my girlfriend and we had some fun. The difficult thing about this event is getting any sort of good photos. So many people, tight spaces don’t make for easy photography. I tried my best anyhow and here are a few from this year.

And here’s the completed rock balancing stuff from last week’s photo (also a good demo how a polarizing filter can mess up your skies, or add effect):

Walked past saw this guy starting to burn like this (on the walk back he was close to his guitar’s color):

A day at the beach

My friend came out to Toronto from Montreal and he mentioned he liked to go somewhere scenic, so we went down to the beach to walk around. Was a pretty interesting walk in that I got some pretty good photos. At one point where we stopped and decide to walk out onto some rocks out in the water, we noticed a lady with a camera taking photos of this girl who was posing in the sand. It looked like the girl was modeling some lingerie as when we walked past them and looked back we sort of noticed her bottom was see through (isn’t the beach a family place?).

Anyhow here are the photos:

Plane spotting

I love planes and aircrafts. Someday I hope to be able to have my own and fly around for the fun of it. That’s not where I am right now so I make do with models and taking photos of planes. It’s quite the experience to see them zooming in at high-speed.

Dimmi Trattoria and Bar

A friend of mine had a birthday dinner at Dimmi Tarttoria and Bar located in Yorkville in downtown Toronto. The food was pretty good and reasonably priced which is surprising considering it’s location.

I had the Fettucine Alla Riviera which was excellent and only about 18 dollars before tax. Atmosphere was good and while the interior isn’t large they didn’t crowd the tables so you shouldn’t feel too cozy with your neighbours.

Overall I would recommend this restaurant for people looking for good italian eats near the ROM downtown.

Fettucine Alla Riviera

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