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Sandbanks Provincial Park

Me, my gf and a bunch of friends went out to the Sandbanks area and got two cottages for a night. Pretty fun first day with a lot of amazing views. We had a pretty good time except for the rain on Sunday. Otherwise I thought it was a good trip. Might have been better if we stayed one more night so everyone can be more fresh for going out and about and playing.

Here are the photos:


Sakura trees and a beautiful day

Well here’s the first post and I thought we should start with a bang. So I am going to post a few photos that I really like myself.

First are the Sakura trees at High Park. I am very surprised after showing these photos to friends and family that a lot of people don’t know where high park is and don’t know what Sakura trees are. The history of the high park and the trees can be found here

Sakura Photos:

My lovely girlfriend in front of the beautiful trees.