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Tako Sushi

Tako sushi is located near Don Mills and York Mills. It’s a pretty busy place on weekday and for lunch. For lunch they do decent sets of sushi, sashimi and bento boxes. For dinner they have a 20 dollar special, the subject of this review.

The 20 dollar special at Tako is a huge feast for relatively little money. You get a sushi starter with 3 piece of paired down california roll and 3 piece of sushi (shrimp, salmon and tuna).

Next is the tempura consisting of shrimps and vegetables.

Then comes the main course and the raison d’être of this 20 dollar feast, the lobsters. For 20 bucks you get half a lobster each done the way you like. The only limitation to this deal is that you have to order the lobsters in pairs. This is because the lobsters are fresh (they actually bring it out to show you before they cook it). So if you are going with an odd number of people or someone in your group don’t want lobster you might not be able to get this deal. They do offer you the choice of getting the extra half lobster for about 8 dollars if you really really must have the special. For our group we all decided to get the lobsters baked with portuguese sauce, it is lovely. However, you are free to ask for it steamed, or stir fried with garlic and onions.

Somewhere along the way they brought the clam soup. This is actually quite good with many clams and mushroom in a miso soup. Tastes very refreshing and if you love clams you’ll love this soup.

Finally, the “mains” came. You have a choice of lamb chops, sirloin steak and salmon. At this point you’ll most likely be very very full. Luckily for you Tako is perfectly happy with you taking food away in a doggie bag. So if you just can’t eat this last course you can always have it for lunch tomorrow.

And lastly, and nice to have, they also offer you dessert in the form of either a scoop of ice cream or a custard dessert.

Overall Tako sushi’s 20 dollar meal deal is pretty good value. You can’t help but wonder how they make money when they offer so much food for such a low price. The cooking isn’t top tiered, lacking in presentation and refinement, but they do a good job of making the food tastes good. The Lobsters came to use done just right and very tasty while the lamb was cooked exactly the way we ordered it and the dipping sauce was very well done. The sushi part was the weak part of the meal but with everything else offered in this 20 dollar meal I think that can be overlooked. Easily a highly recommended restaurant for a relatively cheap but belt busting meal. A sure crowd pleaser for birthday and other group celebrations.


1300 Don Mills Road
Toronto, ON
(416) 391-9188


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