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Ruth Chris Steak House (Toronto)

Where to start with this? I mean a lot of people must have heard of Ruth Chris steak house. After all they are an international chain.

Well since my buddies have never tried this place before we decided to go tonight, taking advantage of their 75 dollar gift card for 45 bucks deal (thank you Redflagdeals).

Overall the 3 of us agree that while the meal has its merits and was worth trying we actually would have prefer The Keg. Now that’s something I never thought I would have said but honestly it’s the truth. If you want to pay what we paid for 3 meals and 5 pints (300 CAD) you can get better food in this fine city (corner house for example?). And if you just want good old american style cog your arteries steak well there are places like The Keg and any number of other more affordable chains. And if you want to blow a lot on a fancy steak I’d suggest Barbarian’s on Elm street. They cost about the same but in a toss-up I have to say they taste better. Plus your steak comes with something on the side!

So the deal with Ruth is that when you order a steak that’s all your order. No sides nothing. You have to order those on the side. For another 9 bucks per side. Ok the sides are big enough that you can share but still at 60 dollars for a t-bone you’d think they can throw in some mash and a few steamed veg?

Overall, this is not a place I would recommend. To put it simply: over priced, unimaginative, unhealthy, plain, and lobster bisque tasted more of butter and brandy than lobster.

Anyhow without further ado here are the pictures:


Lobster bisque (we called it lobster flavored butter just so you know what it tastes like)

16 oz Rib eye

Meals with sides


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